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to and clicking on politics. >> fears of a nuclear meltdown in japan have prompted the u.s. to authorize the first evacuation of americans out of the country. the nuclear regulatory commission says this decision was based on the risk of radioactive contamination. let's go live to washington for the latest. >> the un says the situation is very serious but not deteriorating at this point. president obama says americans and japan need to be prepared. >> they spoke at the japanese embassy in washington and said the u.s. is bringing all sources to bear to protect american citizens in japan. they sought to reassure americans at home. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the u.s., whether it is that west coast, why, alaska or u.s. territories. >> at the nuclear plant, crews have been scrambling, using helicopters and cannons to douse the reactor with thousands of gallons of water. but it's difficult to know whether it's working. >> we believe it will help to cool down the fuel. however, we are not able to access the site. >> the first evacuations fled to toky
>>> four days into an epic disaster. a growing crisis in japan triggering worldwide concern. new explosions shaking japan's crippled nuclear industry all while hundreds of bodies begin washing up onshore. the horror is unimaginable. >>> and thanks for being with us on this monday, march 14th, it's 6:00 a.m. here on the east coast, 7:00 p.m. in tokyo. we're following the developments of this unfolding catastrophe in japan. >> the tsunami's fury in japan becoming clearer this morning. a new day brings new fears of a nuclear disaster now. overnight, another explosion at the fukushima nuke particular plant. radiation levels were detected. this is being called the greatest hardship there since world war ii. hundreds of thousands of people in need. there are long lines at gas stations and at food stores, people are waiting and waiting. there is a shortage of food and water this morning. >>> also, an overwhelming sense of despair as we said, bodies washing up onshore, the number of dead continuing to mount, and also the financial cost. losses from the quake and tsunami could total $100
official here in the united states says that the primary containment structure of those reactors in japan, it looks like has breached. it raises the risk now of a further release of radioactive material. let's go right to tokyo now. msnbc chris jansing is standing by. i received a note the winds have shifted and are blowing over the pacific sxnt over tokyo. i'm sure people there are very concerned. >> reporter: it's been a very concerning situation because there have been levels, low levels i need to emphasize that of radiation here in tokyo. it has caused enough of a red flag that the french government has advised its citizens to leave the capital. the austrian government is moving its embassy here to osaka. u.s. embassy officials nbc news has learned had a meeting earlier today with folks who work there, with their families to try to elay some of the concerns of americans living here in tokyo. it has been confirmed for us. we talked to people involved in the meeting that several people stood up and said, should i stay or should i go? that is the question a lot of people, especially peop
>>> this morning on "early today," wall of destruction. death toll soars in japan as authorities race to head off nuclear meltdowns. >>> the situation in japan raises fears over the safety of nuclear power plants here at home. >>> anwhiteout. a late winter blizzard leaves hundreds of motorists stranded a late winter blizzard leaves hundreds of motorists stranded in north dakota. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> a very good morning to you. today we begin with a country in crisis. in japan, rescuers are searching for signs of life as the clock ticks in the wake of friday's epic disaster. japanese police say that they have recovered another 1,000 bodies that washed along the shore adding to a mounting death toll already thought to be above 10,000. kristen dahlgren joins us with the latest. the search and rescue operation still under way, but with every hour the situation appears to grow more grave. 1,000 bodies were found in one area. also unconfirmed reports that more than 10,000 could be missing from a single area as well for those that survived the quake survivin
♪ >>> this morning on "early today," desperate measures. the world watches and waits as japan tries to contain its nuclear crisis. >>> survival instinct, incredible new video of heroic rescues during last week's catastrophic tsunami. >>> and royal jewel, the see-through dress that caught a prince's eye sells for a see-through dress that caught a prince's eye sells for a whopping sum. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation. i'm lynn berry. today, we begin with a race against the clock. japan raise the the a virity rating of the nuclear crisis from four to five putting it on par with the three mile island disaster of 1979. japan is desperately trying to reconnect power to critical cooling systems at the fukushima power plant. fire engines are blasting tons of water into the hot zone. nbc's brian moore reports. >> reporter: tons of water, the difference between salvation and catastrophe at japan's stricken nuclear plant. >> the situation remains very serious. but there's been no significant worsening since yest
. >> the situation appears more bleak by the day. >> dual disaster crippling japan. >> earthquake victims force today move away from the nuclear site as the crisis continues to get worse. >> radiation levels south of the plant spiked to 300 times the normal level today. >> pictures of smoke coming out of one of the reactors. >> new ruptures and fires releasing yet more radiation into the air in northern japan. >> none of us had any traces of radioactivity. when they checked our shoes, they did find. >> good thing or bad thing? >> that's a bad thing. >> inside the plant, those brave workers are still on the job. >> photos show extensive damage at three of four reactors there. >> plant workers in shifts of 50 are back at their posts. >> the fukushima nuclear plant for nearly an hour. >> 45 minutes later said they were allowing workers back. >> they crawl through the lib rinths of equipment in darkness with only their flashlight. >> there's the race to help victims homeless in a cold, japanese winter. >> nbc's lee cowan çmade it ba to tokyo. temperatures have dipped well below freezing, it is snowing
a damaged nuclear reactor in japan. it is a desperate effort to prevent spent fuel rods from over heating. smoke billowing from the reactor but the cause is unclear. good evening everyone. crews are also close to reconnecting electricity at 2 of those reactor which could help with the cooling. >> japan now agreed to accept technical help from the u.s. and the head of the international atomic energy agency just arrived. latest picture rae veal how far gone the reactor really are. explosion and blazing heat have reduced the unit to rav sanjay gupta skeleton. emergency worker continue desperate effort to drown the over heated core with sea water from the air and from the ground using water cannon made to subdue rioters. flight operators put in a new power line to restore electricity and get water pump working again. if that fails the pentagon has shipped in american pumps. workers have to operate them continuing to defy death. in reactor 4 the water in the fuel rod pool is critically low if any left. without water the rod ignite and send smoke into the atmosphere. reactor 3 a 5 foo
for japan. they are facing a mounting death toll. and a possible nuclear meltdown. >> how the economy is faring in a moment. we begin with the latest in japan and with the u.s. is doing for americans stuck there. s teamin tonight' coverage. >> he says the u.s. is bringing all resources to bear to protect american citizens and reassured americans at home. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the u.s., whether it is the west coast, hawaii, alaska, or u.s. territories. >> at the nuclear plant, crews have been scrambling to cool the overheated reactor. helicopters and water cannons to douse the fuel rods the that it is difficult to know how will it is working. >> it will have to cool down the fuel. we're not able to a set -- set foot into the site. >> the state department said the evacuation affected 100 americans and more flights are being arranged. >> we're not forcing them to go anywhere. we will tell them they have a flight. >> buses have been sent to evacuate americans stuck without transportation near the nuclear plant but out of the risk zone. there is a team of
't believe the velocity of the huge stories. first and foremost in japan. >> we start with the latest on the devistration in japan. there is another major exexplosion in fukushima, wrap jap. water levels are far enough allow to partially showing the rods. sparking fears of another melt down. >> and bodies have been found in mlyangi. >> stock tock closed down over there six percent. >> u.s. naval forces are moving away from japan over fears of troops exposed to dangerous radiation particularly on the uss regan. >> rescue relief remains top priority but thousands of people are evacuated near the fukushima nuclear plant. if you look at it. second hydrogen explosion to rock the plant and the massive cloud of smoke is carrying radioactive conitalination and that is a concern for the u.s. naval ship providing humanitarian assistance. that affects uss ronald reagan a hundred miles from the plant. they detected low levels of radiation and prompted the ship to move further out to sea. in fact, the commander of the fleet. vice admiral, reveals that the ships are being temporarily repositioned a
tonight that the west coast does not face a serious threat from japan. this one is in san francisco. and uc berkeley scientists put up one on top of the engineering building. california's director of public health says reports are not true. >> there are winds shift sog some will be blowing west. almost all will get washed out by storms that are there and dissipate. >> dr. backer says there may be a slight increase in radiation over next few day buzz amount will be no greater than what we're exposed to on a daily basis. >> many people continue to have concerns about dangerous radiation reaching our shores. rain freedman has been following this story and not everyone believes what they hear from the government. >> that is true. it's more of mistrust. and there are a lot of people still buying radiation dedoctors on ebay, and are buying pills in stores. and there are people saying they wonder if they're being deal you'ded. >> what do you trust? >> it's a big question. >> a couple soaked up solar radiation. so called traces from japan, once that models have coming our way are another is
. "first look" is up next. >>> desperate measures. the world watches and waits as japan tries to contain its nuclear crisis. survival instinct, incredible new video of heroic rescues during the craftic tsunami. and royal jewel, the see-through dress that caught a prince's eye sells for a whopping sum. good morning. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more on "first look" on msnbc. today, we begin with a race against the clock. japan is desperately trying to reconnect power to critical cooling systems at the fukushima power plant. this as smoke has once again been seen rising from the crippled nuclear facility. today high-capacity fire engines are blasting tons of water into the hot zone, an unexplained switch from yesterday's air attacks. >> reporter: tons of water, the difference between salvation and catastrophe at japan's stricken nuclear plant. >> the situation remains very serious. but there's been no significant worsening since yesterday. >> reporter: the cloud billowing from the fukushima daichi plant on wednesday was all but gone thursday, but the possibility of a meltdown is still
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for joining us on friday morning. japan now classifies the incident in the fukushima power plant as a level 5. it could have have consequences and cause deaths. this as the death tollrises to 6500 confirmed dead and more than 10,000 people missing. smoke seen rising from unit two. it could be from an explosion in the earlier part of the week. workers are trying to restore power so they can cool the reactors and they are doing that today. radiation from the plant is expected to hit the west coast of the united states with lemps that are expected to be minimal. gm is suspending operations in the plant in indiana because of shortage of car parts coming from japan. >> brian: so much coming, the yap jap asked the u.s. for help in getting the nuclear power plant under control as designed by general electric. david piper has the latest on that part of the story, david? >>reporter: yes, good morning. there is a massive military effort to help the japanese people. over50,000 members of the military are involved in this operationn. in the kyoto air base where i am standing now. supplis and help pushing
in libya, as rebel forces continue gaining ground. >>> radiation risk. levels at japan's crippled nuclear power plant reach record highs. and traces of radiation show up in massachusetts' rain water. >>> and if the slipper fits. virginia commonwealth university makes a stunning cinderella run virginia commonwealth university makes a stunning cinderella run to the final four. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody, good to see you on this monday. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. we begin in libya this morning, under an umbrella of international air strikes, rebel forces are moving west this morning towards the capital of tripoli. allied air raids targeted moammar gadhafi's hometown sirte. there are unconfirmed reports that the city has fallen into rebel hands. earlier, rebel forces resigned control of two key oil ports, ras lanuf and brega. nato is assuming command of all aerial operations in libya from the u.s. and tonight president obama will address the nation to discuss the u.s. mission in libya. joel brown is in washington with more. joel, good morning to you. >> t
and confusion. thousands rush to get out of japan. >> radiation risks grow. tonight, the nuclear crisis puts the world on edge. >> hi, i'm kai jackson. in and -- >> and i'm jessica kartalija. mary is off tonight. >> as each day passes, they worry that there will be radiation leaked in japan. we start with joel brown for the latest on the nuclear crisis. >> reporter: emergency workers turned to a high-powered water canyon. while military helicopters dropped in sea water from above. this is the battle to keep nuclear fuel rods from overheating at the fukushima plant. since the tsunami, four of the nuclear reactors have seen fires, explosions, damage, and even partial meltdowns. utility companies insist, workers are making headway. but united states officials believe anyone getting close enough to the plant could face a deadly dose of radiation. the threat of exposure has u.s. authorities checking passengers and cargo coming from japan. but some say there's no cause for concern. >> basic physics and basic science tells us that there can't be any risk to anyone here in the united states or hawai
. gather tuchman, japan. >> thanks for the being with us this afternoon. news room continues right now with ali velshi. >> have a great afternoon. i'll pick up exactly where you left off. bring on the water and hook up the power. those are the two main strategies for bringing down the heat and, therefore, the danger at the nuclear plant that incredibly has overshadowed the natural disasters in japan. witness an act right here of sheer desperation. japanese helicopters trying to douse a super hot reactor building. reactor number three at fukushima daiichi. they dropped 7.5 tons of sea water in each of four runs over 40 minutes and appeared to have accomplished little other than to expose the crews to radiation. later, fire trucks tried to hose the building down and that's supposed to continue through the night. at the same time, the work is under way to restore electricity that was knocked out by the tsunami, electricity that runs the pumps that keeps the reactor water circulating and the fuel rods at stable temperatures. that's the whole goal of this mission. i want you to see what tho
in syria. the regime holds the weapons. >>> in japan, concern over radiation levels in the sea water. tests show radiation has spiked in the fukushima daiichi plant. it is not clear where the radiation is coming from. they are trying to figure out if there was a leak at one of the plants damaged by the earthquake two weeks ago. >>> accused cop killer, jamie donald hood is in jail today. he surrendered to police in georgia last night after a long hostage standoff. hood is accused of killing two officers. hood was watching the standoff. negotiators went to communicate with him and he released four hostages during the standoff. four others were freed when hood surrendered. >>> we are still waiting to find out who is america's newest multimillionaire. officials say one ticket bought in albany, new york had all of the numbers. the jackpot is $319 million. >>> now back to libya. two days before president obama talks to the american people about the u.s. role in libya, our sandra endo has the latest. >> reporter: the president is expected to layout the objective in libya. that speech is set for mo
to friday's earthquake that killed more than 10,000. japan's prime minister says it was the worst crisis since world war ii. while japan works to control its nuclear facilities from a third explosion, here and the united states, some lawmakers are asking for a halt to our nuclear power facilities. your thoughts on the that this morning. we will begin with "the new york times" and their head line. "u.s. nuclear push may be in peril." also this morning, it notes and "the washington post" -- a wary look at u.s. nuclear plants. regulators are reviewing license applications for 20 reactors -- yesterday on the sunday show, senator joseph lieberman, independent, talked about whether or not to have a temporary halt on nuclear power. here is what he had to say. >> we have 104 nuclear power plants in our country. every year, once a year, fema, nuclear regulatory commission, they go through emergency planning to see what they would do if it's a disaster struck. -- if a disaster struck. the reality is we are watching something unfold and we do not know where it is going regarding nuclear power plant
, and continuing crises in japan and the budget story at home. the most significant new was story. we will go to your phone calls right away to hear what is most important to you in a week of unfolding big issues. we will go to the newspapers as we are waiting for your calls. as you can see, britain, france, and the united states are lined up for air strike against coffee -- gaddafi. it suggests in the newspapers the airplanes may well immediately. "the chicago tribune" tells us american officials expect the united states would do the heavy lifting in a campaign that may include air strikes on tanks and artillery and at the same time u.s. officials cautioned the united states and allies intend to limit their involvement, allowing for no troops on the ground. the libyan story, japan story, and the budget situation at home. the continuing resolution that punts the decisions on the budget until the beginning of april. they left town this friday morning. we would like to hear which of these stories are most important to you this friday morning. let's begin with a call from san antonio, texas. rob
. >>> you're watching cbs5 news in high-definition. >>> it has been exactly one week since japan was hit with a massive quake. how close crews say they are to ending the potential nuclear crisis. >>> a surfing super star killed on the waves. the message his family left for him. >>> sent to work nearly seven years ago the first of its kind spacecraft orbiting mercury and what we could learn from the first spacecraft to ever orbit mercury. >> good evening i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. smoke is being seen tonight rising from a building housing a damaged nuclear reactor in japan. and it begs the question is anything working to cool it down and prevent a disaster? >> now, that uncertainty has people confused and racing to get out of the country. charlie d'agata reports crews are won step away from ending the crisis. >> reporter: a steady stream of electricity could be the next best hope for cooling down reacors at the fukushima nuclear plant. japanese officials say the power line to one of the reactors is ready. >> if the cooling systems in the reactors and fuel ponds are basically sound
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the plume but only in the area near japan. let's come back live i can show you now we're at .12 per hour, that's still .11 still low for our traditional background in this area. lower than it was in fact, an hour ago. so we expect no problems here and we searchers say there is absolutely no health risk. reporting live, john fowler. >>> federal officials said today they'll start testing some passengers arriving from japan for radiation. officials say they are starting to monitor people and cargo arriving on japanese flights. but in san francisco international airport passengers arriving from japan told us they were not tested for radiation. >> they had, because they didn't do anything. so, yeah, everything was totally normal. >> reporter: and sfo spokesperson told us an hour ago that u.s. customs officials reported no unusual radiation levels among airport arrivals today. officials say they have several ways to monitor radiation exposures that may not be apparent to travelers. >>> the first emergency charter flight has left japan. it is carrying less than 100 state department personnel an
on libya coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe." >>> exactly one week after japan's quake and tsunami, a frantic effort is underway to stem the crisis at the fukushima nuclear plant. the complex's third unit is the main priority since water there is thought to be dangerously low. in a possible setback today, smoke rose from one of the buildings as crews worked to reconnect power to critical systems. the international atomic energy agency is reporting the severity rating of the nuclear crisis has been raised from 4 to 5, on a scale of 1 to 7, with 7 being the worst that would suggest a level of seriousness on par with the three mile accident in the united states in 1979. up to 64 tons of water was dropped in the overreheated reactors yesterday. and the agency says a cable has been restored to the cooling pumps at the second reactor in the plant. throughout the week the japanese government has been criticized about poor communication and the situation. for now the government says it has no plans to expand its mandatory 12-mile exclusion zone around the plant. for more on the
right now on libya. also an apology in japan. after more workers are exposed to potentially deadly levels of radiation. and what's being blamed for this overexposure? a communications error. all this while fears grow that one reactor at that plant could be leaking. from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn start morning. hello to you all. glad you could spent some part of your saturday morning with us. i'm t.j. holmes. i do want to start now, though, in japan with the growing concern over radiation levels in the ocean water around that damaged nuclear plant. radiation levels in the air at least seem to be decreasing. paula hancock's live for us in tokyo. hello to up. what are they saying about this possible leak of one of those reaccour reactor cores. that's a key concern right now. >> reporter: absolutely. well, t.j., this was said friday evening local time when they were concerned there could have been a break or rupture within the reactor core as well and this is why the water was 10,000 times the radioactive level than it should have been. but now they're saying
>>> a lot of news happening overnight in libya, japan, and right here at home. i'm kiran chetry. we want to get you up to date. in japan, new concerns a at one of the nuclear reactors and word that radiation is spilling into the ocean. >> and it's moving in the air here in the united states, another state detecting radiation from fukushima. this one is on the east coast. we'll tell you how high the radiation levels are and how it could have possibly been spread here. >>> in libya, the no-fly zone in place. rebels make steady progress toward tripoli. here at home, president obama plans to make his case why libya matters to us. "american morning" begins right now. >>> so we do have that lot going on, but the head scratcher is the final four. you've got two unlikely schools, vcu and butler. >> we've had some upsets. although somebody pointed out the other day, you can't keep calling butler an upset when it keeps doing it. >> that's right. >>> let's stick with the top stories on japan. a lot of people wondering what's going on with the radiation disaster in japan. and another tsunami sc
and new technologies. we discussed the situation in japan. i want to reiterate how heartbroken whereby the images of the devastation. although japan is a highly advanced economy technologically equipped to rebuild, at this moment of crisis, all of us join together in providing any help and assistance we can in the days and months to come. i am in close contact with the prime minister and our teams are in close cooperation as is our military. we expect to continue to cooperate until we have some stabilization of the situation. prime minister rasmussen, thank you for the help you have provided to the u.s. and the leadership you have provided internationally. denmark is a country that punches above its way to. -- above its weight. we are glad about our relationship and we appreciate you took the time to visit us. >> thank you. thank you for your warm welcome and your great hospitality. i believe it is the true that denmark in the u.s. are close friends and fa allies. the bonds are strung between our governments and our peoples. ey then ian is the kin was glad to inform the president about
from japan. >> the japanese people are not alone in this terrible time. her find a hand extended from the and it states as they get back on their feet. >>reporter: outside the nuclear evectioevacuate evacuatn area, a small sign of progress with supplies. some of the setbacks for these victims. >> i've not even a time to think. >>reporter: chartering planes of u.s. diplomats through japan from japan, to the u.s.. >>pam: air travel is looking for nuclear exand contamination levels in reports of rhodesian lovradiati. --none of these reported incidences or harmful levels. even though some haof the cargo have radiation levels. >>reporter: everybody is hitting screens, with the potential law will is dangerous? this is done 365 days a year everybody is- getting screened. the department of hulman is a home with a security is the department of all landis' attorney alerted yesterday homeland security. this device is the radiation detector. it is smaller than his cellphone. if the harmful lovell is detected? that person is wow if that person is found that their level is harmful ? they are isolat
markets are sending this message. maybe the worst is over in japan, and maybe all the action in libya will not further disrupt the flow of oil. that's why in the last three days, the dow industrial average has gone up 423 points. that's about 3 1/2%. and that's why as of right now the dow jones industrial average is higher than it was on march tenth, the day before the japanese earthquake. and by the way martha, in all likelihood, 20 minutes from now, the dow jones industrial average will open higher still. it's a head scratcher, but it's going to happen. martha: it's fascinating. i guess in this sideways, stuart, you hope that the market, as it often is, is an indicator of things to come. and that stability may be accurately placed, you know. we can only hope at this point. but also merger activity giving a bit of a boost as well, right? >> that helped the market yesterday, that's for sure. at&t wants to buy t-mobile, big merger in the data transmission networking business. that gave the market is boost. but you've got to say, martha, the dow, at 12,000, despite the middle east fight
concerns in japan as the nuclear crisis takes a turn for the worst. >> most of us dodged the snow this weekend. the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. >> and i am stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> tony pann has a check on the forecast. i do not like geit. >> this setup and pattern will stick around for another seven to 10 days. we may see some snow. if you misted over the weekend, you have another chance. -- if you missed it over the weekend, you have another chance. this morning, it will stay dry. but it is cold. temperatures are in the 20's. at least the wind is calm. mix of sunshine and clouds said. high temperature in the upper 40's. we should be in the upper 50's. we will check the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. first we say good morning to sarah. >> good morning. we're starting off at an accident on southbound 95 at 100. it is off to t
. they now control a key city in oil-rich eastern libya. we have a live report straight ahead. in japan, a new concern at a crippled nuclear plant. tests show a big spike in radiation levels in sea water just off shore. we're live in tokyo as well. also nba players, many of them hoping they have a really good game tonight. why? because the money they raise is going to go to the victims in japan. a thousand dollars for every point they score. one of the people taking part, al horford, the atlanta hawks star. he'll be here live to talk about those efforts. >>> but first i want to take you to london where we can show you pictures of a massive protest and march taking place there. the crowd estimated in the tense of thousands protesting billions of dollars in budget cuts. this march was called by trade unions. we have seen some clashes with police there in britain. sco scotland yard's also on the scene. 300,000 public service jobs reportedly will be cut by these austerity measures. civil servants won't be seeing pay raises. we've been watching these pictures for the last hour or so, for the
. >>> japan's nuclear crisis -- new fears here at home. we have a water advisory in effect. we'll tell you where and topper has your forecast. >> bright and brisk today. almost like late february. let me show you the numbers. 47 and 31 goes in the books. averages are 61 and 41. we'll come back and talk about another very cold night and not one, not two, but three storms coming our way. >>> and wait until you find out what washed ashore out of virginia beach. >>> a dead whale washed ashore yesterday in san bridge, virginia. according to the virginia aquarium, it is a say whale at 40 feet long and aquarium workers plan to perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death. only two to four whales are stranded each year. >>> it's time for our evening rush check. monica is here with your time saver traffic. monica. >> we have an accident on the outer loop of the beltway. i'm going to take you over to a map. if you are traveling southbound, it's been there for a while. four cars involved. we'll take you to a live look and show you what it looks like crossing the american legion bridge on the
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is preparing his own take on the u.s. role in the war. >>> also this morning, new fears in japan as radiation levels reach stunning new heights, and the air around the damaged nuclear plant is no longer the worry. rather, it's the water. >>> also something we're keeping an eye on right now in great britain. budget cuts are coming at a high cost for british leaders. protesters on the streets this morning clashing with police officers over proposed austerity measures. we'll have the latest from there. again, this is happening right now. from the cnn center, this is your cnn start morning for this march the 26th. i'm t.j. holmes. we do want to start with a new and disturbing incident in tripoli. this happened today. it's a story that maybe highlights the brutality of a regime that so many people are now fighting against. we want to bring in our cnn international correspondent nic robertson with the latest. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, t.j., it all began this morning over breakfasttime when a lady came into the hotel, a middle aged appeared to be very respectable lady came into the h
. >>> good morning. there are new fears in japan right now as radiation levels reach stunning new heights. the air around the damaged nuclear plant is no longer the worry. the water is. also, nato is getting ready to take control of the sky over libya. possibly changing the role for u.s. troops in that region, and president obama is preparing his remarks on the situation there. >>> and running for cover in the middle east. protesters in syria met with a hail of gunfire. is that the next domino to fall? from the cnn center in atlanta, georgia, this is your cnn "saturday morning." thank you for spending part of your weekend with us. we do want to start in japan right now where there is growing concerns over radiation levels in the ocean near that damaged nuclear plant, but there is some positive news as well from the fukushima plant. radiation levels in the air seem to be decreasing. cnn's paula hancocks live in tokyo. paula, hello. sounds like good news/bad news. let's start with the bad news. >> reporter: that's right, t.j. well, this is the water in the sea just off the coast of the fuku
the nuclear crisis in japan is worse than first thought. >> radioactivity sea water from the fukushima nuclear power plant traveled farther than expected. they're also faced with storing the water that became contaminated while they were using it to keep the radioactive material cool. the water has to be removed before crews can continue working to cool the power plant. scientists in massachusetts say they have found radiation in the rainwater from japan's nuclear plant, but they say it poses no health threat there. county police are investigating a murder that happened while you slept. shots rang out after 3:00 this morning on central avenue near richie road. that's where police found the unidentified man suffering from a gunshot wound. at this point police are looking for a suspect and a motive. >>> standardized test scores at the district's noyes school, sored under michelle rhee. >> usa today report is raising questions about the validity of those results. our reporter joins us from the school in northeast. lindsay has more this morning. >> reporter: good morning, mike. usa today investiga
including what's going on in japan. joins us now from new york to tell us what's come up at 7:00 on "gma." . >> that's right. good morning, janelle. coming up on the show, we'll have the latest on the major setback in japan. japanese power company officials say they knew about extremely high radiation levels before three workers suffered severe burns. we'll have more on the new details coming up in the show. also ahead, a new warning about artificial food coloring. the government says it may worsen hyperactivity in some kids. and now the f.d.a. is looking to taking action. plus new research shows that 51% of americans over the age of 12 are on facebook. we'll take a look at how the social media giant is changing the way we communicate. and incredible images of a man who spotted a massive shark and unlike everyone else and everything else we do, instead of turning away, he decided to grab his kayak and paddle out for a closer look. we'll talk to him later on this morning in this show. it's pretty incredible. he went out towards the shark and lived to tell about it. >> we wish you were he
is returning to washington next week. doug luzader, fox news. >>> a setback in japan. safety officials suspect one of the reactor cores may have been breeched. that could lead to more severe radioactive contamination released into the environment. they stopped work apt -- work at the plant. something at reactor number 3 may have been damaged. >>> a strong show of support here in the nation's capitol for the earthquake and tsunami victims in japan. dozens gathered for the event called stand with japan sponsored by the national cherry blossom festival last night. all donations will go to the red cross japan fund. the festival is taking on a deeper meaning this year. we'll have more in a live report coming up at 7:30. >>> there are still many opportunities to help the people of japan. we have links to several charity organizations on our website at >>> an amber alert for two children has been canceled. the two are now home safe and sound. they were taken by their father robert anderson last night. officers have anderson in custody. the
in their battle with moammar gadhafi's forces. >>> worse than expected. more troubling developments in japan's nuclear crisis. >>> and snake on the loose. a cobra goes missing from a >>> and snake on the loose. a cobra goes missing from a famous new york cityoo. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm veronica de la cruz. today we begin with gaining momentum. libyan rebels continue to push back forces loyal to moammar gadhafi. this morning an opposition spokesman claimed that rebels captured sirte. if that is true, it would be a significant victory for the movement. those developments come as nato has agreed to take over command and control of the entire libya operation including ground attacks. >>> president obama will speak to the nation tonight to explain what role the u.s. will play in the mission in libya now that nato has stepped in. the president is also expected to address concerns by both parties. tracie potts joins us live from washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the president has a lot of questions to answer when he addresse
, or they're running low. demand for prius tends to surge when gas prices jumped. but japan's earthquake has set production back several weeks. >>> the housing market may be slumping but don't tell that to one russian billionaire. an investor bought the silicone mansion for $100 million. now, this is among the most ever paid for a single-family home. the 30,000-square foot house that was inspired by an 18th century french chateau it has a ball room, a wine cellar, and an indoor and -- of course, it does -- an outdoor pool. >> and if you're wondering where that money comes from, that man is a big investor in facebook. >> how do you furnish 30,000 square feet? my goodness. >> tough life. >> yeah. >>> well, coming up next, the whale that killed a trainer is actually back in front of fans performing again. >>> and then did a pro tennis star aim for a crying child in the stands? >>> and plus a health scare for tv's most famous judge. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. >> ( beeping ) ( beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better.h@ the v
next on "nightline" the latest on nuclear nightmare in japan. the possible crack in the reactor there, and the south park guys bring dancing mormons to broadway. and a look at axe. a company that convinced men that sex appeal comes in a can. [ female announcer ] the jcpenney big one day sale is saturday! don't miss amazing 4-hour steals. like worthington separates -- 50% off. and stylish dress shirts or ties, just $19.99. find okie dokie for every cutie -- $4.99! and bright sheets, only $19.99. plus, with jcp cash, earn $10 off unlike other stores we don't make you come back to save! we make spring bright -- you make it bloom. go to to see everything on sale. we make it affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >>> president obama will address the nation about libya on monday. the president is expected to talk about a greater role for nato and less u.s. military involvement. some lawmakers of both parties say the president should have consulted them first before taking military action. british and french jets struc
at the national building museum. in attendance was the ambassador from japan and mayor vincent gray. despite the cooler temperatures, thousands flocked to the tidal basin. mike, how is it part? >> the sunshine today certainly help visitors stay warm, along with their coats and the players. with snow in the forecast tomorrow, it seems this is the call before the storm. >> it is so pretty, portis. >> thousands were drawn to the tidal basin. >> i think they are beautiful. >> the cooler weather caught a few visitors off guard. >> we were hoping that it was warmer. >> some decided to stay indoors. at the national building museum, the family day event featured arts and crafts, a celebration of japan, spring, and cherry blossoms. >> i like them because they are pink and that is my favorite color. >> children also left special messages at the japanese embassy. for every paper crane folded, $2 will be donated to disaster relief. >> it is good to know they will get money to repair the damage. >> this woman about to fold 100 cranes. >> anything we could do to help is phenomenal. >> some japanese groups
of iran and has ruled with an iron fist. >>> in japan tonight, the situation is grave and serious, according to that country's prime minister. the damage is more dangerous than they thought after a breach in the reactor. people living in 20 miles are urged to stay indoors or evacwait and the death toll has risen to 10,000. >>> tonight there's new reaction to the incident at reagan international airport admits he was sleep. this is new video of him leaving his home today. when asked for a comment, he declined. congress is calling for a full investigation. >> reporter: the reagan controller went silent for 33 minutes. he's been suspended from his job by the faa. >> i'm outraged. i want to know why this happened. >> reporter: so to congressman andy harris. the commission is planning a formal review. >> we have to make sure someone in the middle of the night doing an important job is awake. >> the 20--year veteran admitted he fell asleep just at 11:55 p.m. the pilot reached out to an air traffic controller 40 miles away. >> i called them on the commercial line and there's no answer. >
. >> reporter: dangerous levels of radiation are now leaking. the level seems very high japan's prime minister warn and there's a very high risk of more radiation coming out. a fourth reactor also caught fire. tens of thousands of nearby residents have already been evacuated those still living within a 20-mile radius are being urged to stay in doors, avoid drinking tap water and keep their houses airtight. it began to unfold after last friday's earthquake and tsunami. officials have been scrambling to avoid a melt down ever since and are now asking the u.s. for help. >> in particular they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water in other resources to ensure that the reactors continued to be cooled. >> reporter: fears of a full blown melt down have spread to tokyo. officials there have detected low levels of radiation and the shifting winds threatens to push it further. even without a possible nuclear disaster, japan is facing worst crisis, the death toll jumped today to more than 2400 confirmed dead. but officials warn that number is likely to top 10,000. now t
plant that maybe from a leak directly into the ocean. also how the earthquake in japan is putting the squeeze on the but not on your face. juvÉderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness, pain, firmness, swelling, bumps, or risk of infection. ask your doctor about juvÉderm® xc. [ younger brother ] oh, do you want it? yeah. ok, we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light... ...buttery and flaky... this is half. that is not half. guys i have more. [ female announcer ] do you have enough crescents? bui've got a warm, fresh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. >>> japan's top government spokesman the best news they can offer is that workers seem to be keeping the situation from getting worse. radiation levels surrounding the plant have fallen back some since peaking on wednesday and tap water in tokyo is safe enough for babies to drink. but there is concern about using sea water to keep the reac
. renewed concerns for radiation from japan to the east coast of the united states. small amounts are detected here in maryland. >>> good morning, once again, everyone. area health officials have been preparing for radiation to arrive. and it has. >> reporter: radiation levels continue to top the charts at one of the crippled nuclear facilities in japan. the plume of radioactivity continues to make its way towards the united states becoming more and more diluted along the way. >> it's less than a regular plane flight. if you go to the clinic and get an x-ray, that's a highier amount there. >> reporter: small amounts are detected in rain water. that's still below the levels that could cause health problems. in maryland, there are no detections in rain water. still, none are at harmful levels. >> there's no reason to be afraid now. the harmful levels aren't hitting in our direction. >> reporter: in recent days, two more teams were sent to japan. until electricity is restored, it's impossible to stop the radiation from leaking out. >> reporter: again, the health officials say there'
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